I read this part of the course to mean choose an interior that will be used for the final piece and develop that.  With this in mind I took a long time going through the drawings revisiting each interior and thought about how I could do the next set of exercises and what the final […]

There is nothing quick about my quick drawings. It has taken me weeks and weeks and weeks to complete this exercise.  At the start, I wasn’t comfortable doing quick drawings.  There is a difference between quick and accurate and rushed and inaccurate and quite a lot of my drawings are rushed and inaccurate.  Some of […]

Part 5 is your chance to consolidate what you have learned, to re­flect on exercises that you have especially enjoyed and to evaluate your progress. Use your learning log to help you review your progress. Make a brief entry for each exercise and assignment undertaken so far detailing successes and any problems that you have […]

Points to take forward: My tutor has said that I sometimes carry out too much research on methodology which stilts my growth. Because I have a lack of confidence about committing a mark to the paper I always thought that if I had a good knowledge of ‘how to’, it would help.  I can see […]

Assessment criteria points Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills During this part of the course, I have tried to learn about the figure to allow me to draw a believable figure.  I have used media that I’ve struggled with in the past and have found success this time.  I’ve actually started to enjoy using conte […]

Line drawing First of all, I carried out thumbnail sketches.  For my model, I used my husband who was working from home at the time, so I was limited as to where I could position him.  As his desk was in the corner of the room, I was also limited as to where I could […]

Which drawing materials produced the best results? Why? There were a few different media that I had success with.  I found using a fine liner pen gave fluid results and because I had to lay down an unalterable mark I really thought about where I was going to place the mark.  Because each mark was […]