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Ass 5: Response to tutor report

Points to take forward: Try to stop overworking drawings. Some of them are far too tight and controlled. Look at abstracting areas rather than concentrating on whole areas.  This would help develop tone. More sketchbook work to experiment with different media, support and tools. Try to engage more energy in the drawings.

Ass 4: Response to tutor report

Points to take forward: My tutor has said that I sometimes carry out too much research on methodology which stilts my growth. Because I have a lack of confidence about committing a mark to the paper I always thought that if I had a good knowledge of ‘how to’, it would help.  I can see […]

Check and log: Self Portrait

Which drawing materials produced the best results? Why? There were a few different media that I had success with.  I found using a fine liner pen gave fluid results and because I had to lay down an unalterable mark I really thought about where I was going to place the mark.  Because each mark was […]

Research point: Self Portrait

Investigate some artists self portraits. Look at both well-known self portraits – such as Rembrandt and van Gogh, and at lesser known artists. Make notes in your learning log. For this research point I looked at five different artists. Vincent Van Gough Van Gough was a prolific self –portrait painter.  According to the web site, […]

Ex 14: Portrait from memory

For this exercise you will use your imagination and the skills you have learned to draw someone you have seen momentarily or draw a self portrait from memory.  I started this exercise by drawing head shapes and angles of the head. I then drew a few ears from pictures I found in a magazine.  I […]

Ex 13: A self portrait

Before starting I did a self-measurement. Place middle finger between eyes and thumb on the chin. This is the same measurement from between eyes to top of head. It marks the half way point of the face. Finger and thumb either side of eye. This measurement is same as between the eyes. Close eyes and […]

Ex 12: Drawing your face

I started by looking at the shape of my face and head.  During the previous exercises I stared the figures with the head.  This was so I could use it as a measurement for the rest of the figure.  Because I had worked putting in the head first I learned to draw a generic egg […]