Category Part Two: Research & Reflection

Assignment 2: Reflection

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills: materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. When I first started this assignment, I thought I had a clear idea of the outcome, but by experimenting with different materials, both media and paper, I discovered that not all media suit a certain style, therefore my intended […]

Check & log: drawing animals

What were the main challenges of drawing animals? My main challenge was the different tones on the fur.  My dogs are black and when they were still, I saw that there was a myriad of different tones.  I suppose this could be dealt with in the same manner as drawing fabric, which I haven’t successfully […]

Research: George Stubbs

Look at the skeletal structure of the cat, dog or horse.  Research the anatomical drawings of George Stubbs (1724-1806), and consider how these inform Stubbs’s finished pieces. Look at the skeletal structure of the cat, dog or horse.  The shape of the skeleton explains the external appearance of an animal.  To accurately draw any animal, […]

Research: Leonardo Da Vinci & Albrecht Durer

Look at how Renaissance masters such as Leonardo and Dürer depicted animals.  Make notes and try and find some images to include in your learning log. Leonardo Da Vinci As an artist, Leonardo Da Vinci amalgamated science with nature and vice versa.  He made different types of observations, gestural studies and close observational studies.  He […]

Check & log: drawing plants & flowers

How will your experiments with negative space help your observational drawing in the future? Before doing the negative space exercise, I thought about the research point in Project 1, Patrick Caulfield, who uses negative space in his drawings and also to the exercise about observing negative space and perspective.  I remember really enjoying the negative […]

Check & Log: drawing fruit & veg in colour

Your composition should occupy most of the paper’s surface.  How much negative space do you have left? I have left too much negative space in these drawings.  Looking back, I didn’t think about the whole picture and went straight into drawing the objects looking at how I would scale up by eye to get a […]

Research: Ben Nicholson

Find out about Ben Nicholson.  Why does he simplify still life forms and negative space and superimpose them on the Cornish landscape?  Write notes in your learning log. Ben Nicholson was an English painter and abstract artist, (1894 – 1982).  His works were influenced by Alfred Wallis and Piet Mondrian. Nicholson first visited St Ives, […]