Category Part Four: Research & Reflection

Ass 4: Response to tutor report

Points to take forward: My tutor has said that I sometimes carry out too much research on methodology which stilts my growth. Because I have a lack of confidence about committing a mark to the paper I always thought that if I had a good knowledge of ‘how to’, it would help.  I can see […]

Ass 4 Reflection

Assessment criteria points Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills During this part of the course, I have tried to learn about the figure to allow me to draw a believable figure.  I have used media that I’ve struggled with in the past and have found success this time.  I’ve actually started to enjoy using conte […]

Research point: Self Portrait

Investigate some artists self portraits. Look at both well-known self portraits – such as Rembrandt and van Gogh, and at lesser known artists. Make notes in your learning log. For this research point I looked at five different artists. Vincent Van Gough Van Gough was a prolific self –portrait painter.  According to the web site, […]

Check & Log: The Clothed Figure

Did you find it easy to approach the figure as a whole or were you distracted by details of the sitter’s dress? I wasn’t distracted by the sitters dress, I just didn’t want it to be there.  I did find that the  previous exercises of looking form and structure really helped in that I could […]

Check & Log: Proportions

Have you managed to make a complete statement in this time? What were your main problems? Most of the quick pose drawings were complete.  The incomplete drawings were where I had thought about it too much, which slowed me down.  I could see going wrong when doing the drawings, but because of the time constraints, […]