Category Part Two: Observation in Nature

Ex 7: Using hatching to create tone

Select some pieces of fruit and vegetable. Draw each of the individual pieces in your sketchbook, in whatever medium you choose, paying attention to the shapes or planes that make up the outline. Because the last exercise, ‘tone’ was a disaster in both mind and execution, I felt I needed to free up and relax […]

Ex 6 Still life group using tone

Set up another still life group.  This time before you begin, screw up your eyes and take a look at the darkest areas only.  Use coloured pencils or pastels and sketch them in roughly.  Then using a different colour, sketch in the mid tone, and then in a different colour, the light tones.  Work your […]

Ex 5 Still life group using line

Set up a still life group form the selection of objects that either connect together or deliberately contrast.  Once you have established a light source, a view point and an interesting composition, think about you will tackle this exercise.  How will you treat the objects?  How will their connections be clear?  How will you capture […]

Ex 4 Stipples and dots

 Pick another interesting textured object.  Using A4 cartridge paper and a drawing pen, use stipples, dots and a variety of marks to get depth and interest into the drawing.  Really look at the pattern, line and shape, but also look at shadows and tones too. For this drawing I chose a beaten up old almond […]

Ex 3 Getting tone and depth in detail

In this exercise you will practice building up dark, medium and light tones principally using pencils and hatching and cross-hatching techniques.  Select another single object.  Get a varied effect by combining soft and medium grade pencils and altering the direction of the strokes you make. For this exercise I chose to draw a tomato quarter […]

Ex 2 Line drawing Detail

Using a black fibre-tipped pen select an object with interesting detail.  Just drawing a single object helps you focus on really looking at detail.  Don’t do any shading, just create a continuous line drawing.  Try not to lift your pen from the paper – the drawing is about the flow of line against continuous space.  […]

Ex 1 Exploring coloured media

Experiment and play about with all the coloured media you have and find out what they do best.  Draw random lines, straight and curved, get the feel of each of the media.  Use different hand pressures so that you get bold and faint lines.  The first media I chose to experiment with was coloured pencils […]