Category 05 Drawing plants & flowers

Ex 12 Drawing with other coloured media

Now make some drawings of the same subject as before in other colour media. Experiment with mixing the media. Use pens, wax crayons, ballpoints together with pencil, crayons and pencil. Using acrylic paper, I chose the chrysanthemums and the gerbera to simplify the composition.  I decided to keep the same style of composition by keeping […]

Ex 11 Plants & flowers in coloured pencil

Experiment with different methods of blending colour in your sketchbook. Feel free to try any method of hatching, rubbing or smudging and layering. Look carefully at your experiments and make notes about the success and effects of the different methods. Coloured pencils can be very carefully controlled and are excellent for drawing detail. Making a […]

Ex 10 Negative space in a plant

Use a large potted plant for this exercise. Set your plant in front of you, preferably with a plain background. You can use a graphite stick, pencil, ballpoint or pen and ink. Work on an A3 sheet of paper. Carefully look at your plant. Consider all the space around it and between its stalk and […]