Category 04 Drawing fruit & veg in colour

Ex 9 Drawing using oil pastel

For this exercise use a textured coloured paper A3 in size and equip yourself with a good range of oil pastels. Set up a colourful group of fruit or vegetables or a combination of both, concentrating on creating a group of contrasting colour, shape and texture. Select a number of pastels to form the main […]

Ex 8 Using markers and dip pens

Work out at least three alternative compositions with your pieces of fruit and combination of colours in your sketchbook. Use a collection of markers with different sized ‑bre tips from ‑ne points to wedge shapes. Choose a variety of colours in different tonal values – some light, such as lemon yellow, and some with more […]

Ex 7: Using hatching to create tone

Select some pieces of fruit and vegetable. Draw each of the individual pieces in your sketchbook, in whatever medium you choose, paying attention to the shapes or planes that make up the outline. Because the last exercise, ‘tone’ was a disaster in both mind and execution, I felt I needed to free up and relax […]