Category 02 Detailed observation

Ex 4 Stipples and dots

 Pick another interesting textured object.  Using A4 cartridge paper and a drawing pen, use stipples, dots and a variety of marks to get depth and interest into the drawing.  Really look at the pattern, line and shape, but also look at shadows and tones too. For this drawing I chose a beaten up old almond […]

Ex 3 Getting tone and depth in detail

In this exercise you will practice building up dark, medium and light tones principally using pencils and hatching and cross-hatching techniques.  Select another single object.  Get a varied effect by combining soft and medium grade pencils and altering the direction of the strokes you make. For this exercise I chose to draw a tomato quarter […]

Ex 2 Line drawing Detail

Using a black fibre-tipped pen select an object with interesting detail.  Just drawing a single object helps you focus on really looking at detail.  Don’t do any shading, just create a continuous line drawing.  Try not to lift your pen from the paper – the drawing is about the flow of line against continuous space.  […]