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Check and log: Drawing trees

How many different tree types have you drawn? Advertisements

Ex 13 Study of several trees

I chose a clump of trees located in a wood.  The clump had a variety of species so there were different shapes, colours and heights.  I sat quite a way back from the trees to take in the height of the trees which meant there was quite a large expanse of trees in the view […]

Ex 12 Larger study of an individual tree

I chose to draw an old large cherry tree in my back garden.  The tree is huge and I can see the trunk and some of the branches from a window.  The trunk is quite gnarled and the branches are old and twisted making really interesting shapes and patterns with a highly textured bark. I […]

Ex 11 Sketching an individual tree

Find a tree that interests you in a park, garden or anywhere that you feel comfortable sitting or standing.  You could look out from a ground fl­oor window if that suits you better.  You will need to be at some distance from a big tree. I started off by drawing 2 relatively quick sketches of […]