Category 03 Townscapes

Check and log: Townscapes

How did you use a limited colour palette to create a sense of depth? I didn’t think about using the limited palette to create a sense of depth but rather relied upon aerial perspective.  But looking at my final drawing I see that I have I used heavier and darker colours and more detail on […]

Ex 10 Drawing statues

Statues are great for honing your drawing skills.  Don’t confine yourself to galleries and museums, look in streets, parks cemeteries and graveyards.  Statues can become a source of inspiration for further pieces as well as being completed drawings in their own right. Decide what has interested you about the particular statue.  You could focus on […]

Ex 9 A limited palette study from your sketches

Begin with a horizontal line that defines your personal eye level.  Use a limited palette for this project – two or three colours.  The traditional colours are brown, sanguine (red brown), black and white. You can use conté pencils, coloured pencils or ink and work on smooth or rough paper. For this exercise I chose […]

Ex 8 A sketchbook of townscape drawings

Streets in townscapes, from industrial to a collection of domestic houses, offer diverse opportunities as subjects for using a variety of colour media.  For this exercise, carefully select a viewpoint that gives you somewhere to sit comfortably while you are sketching and making notes.  Focus on one particular building, for example a corner site or […]

Ex 7 Study of a townscape using line

For this exercise I assumed it need to be in large format, but my sketch book is spiral bound so I couldn’t work over two pages. I chose a view from a walkway bridge looking down towards a busy high street.  I liked the different heights and shapes of the roofs.  The view also offered […]