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Check and log: Perspective

What problems did you find in executing perspective drawings? The main issue was getting a starting point.  If there wasn’t a defined horizon, it found it a bit hit and miss as to where the eye line was.  I found it changed if I was sitting or standing. Deciding where the vanishing point was. Getting […]

Ex 6 Angular perspective

For this exercise, I used a modern building with a flat roof.  I liked the interconnecting buildings and the definite angles that I could see.  I sat in my car as it was very cold and rainy.  I had an A3 board and paper propped against steering wheel. I started off drawing the lines free […]

Ex 5 Parallel perspective – an interior view

For this drawing, I sat at the far end of my kitchen looking up a corridor.  I place a rug in front of the door and lined it up with the tiles on the floor.  I established and eyelevel which was at the door handle height on the furthest way door.  The centre point was […]