Category 05 Still life

Ex 15 Observing negative space and perspective

Using a selection of objects that have similar elements, such as lines, curves or circles, draw a line from left to right without taking the pencil off the paper.  Follow the silhouette and proportions….’ Advertisements

Ex 14 Composition of natural objects

Make a selection of natural objects, such as fruit or vegetables on a plate and explore different viewpoints, and assess which you like best.  Use the information already gathered to make an informed decision about the organisation of your still life drawing’. I chose objects that had interesting shapes, textures, colours and were different sizes.  […]

Ex 13 Still life sketches of made objects

Create a small still life composition from a small themed selection of objects… With a pen, pencil or ballpoint use a technique such as hatching.’ Draw two or three thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook, of different arrangements from different viewpoints using a light source to create strong lights and darks on the surface of the […]