Category 04 Reflected light

My take on Patrick Caulfield: White Cup

Make a drawing in a similar style to Patrick Caulfield.’ To understand how Caulfield has worked out the complexities in these prints I have attempted to set up a similar arrangement such as ‘Vessel 1990’ and draw the negative spaces and identify and simplify reflective light and cast shadows.   Advertisements

Ex 12 Shadows & reflected light & shade

Use A1 or A2 paper, charcoal, putty rubber, pick two objects with shiny surfaces.  Try to leave very little background.’ I found this exercise quite challenging as I’m not used to using charcoal.  I’m not sure how to use it and I think I’ve overworked it in this drawing.  This drawing is on A2 paper […]

Ex 11 Study of light

Arrange two or three objects with a light source to cast clear shadows.  Draw the main shadow patterns and reflected light.’ For this exercise, I used three shiny objects to maximise the reflections and shadows.  The shadows and the reflections created interesting patterns and shapes and it was an interesting exercise to attempt to define […]