Category 02 Basic shapes & fundamental form

Ex 8 Supermarket Shop

Using about six objects create a still life group based on cans, boxes and packets.  Draw your group of objects this time using some colour.  Don’t forget to compare one thing with another.’ For this exercise, I gathered together boxes, cylinders and packets.  I tried to arrange them so that there were interesting shapes between them as well as setting them at interesting angles.  I placed them […]

Ex 7 Jars & Jugs

Collect together at least six cylindrical objects.  arrange them so that you are looking slightly down on them.  You will notice that the perfect circular top appears flattened or squashed into an ellipse.’ I thought boxes and books was awkward until I tried to draw an ellipse! I stared this exercise by throwing caution to […]

Ex 6 Boxes & Books

 Choose at least six boxes and books of different sizes .  Draw as if you can see through the boxes.  This will help you construct them accurately.’ Initially, trying to get a handle on perspective was difficult.  I had a few false starts with this exercise.  I made some preliminary sketches without really thinking about what I was doing and the results were terrible.  I […]