Category 06 The Moving Figure

Check & log: The moving figure

How well did you manage to create the sense of a ­fleeting moment rather than a pose? I think I captured the moment quite well.  I used a fine liner pen which allowed for quick easy lines.  I worked quickly and kept glancing at my target model whilst drawing.  I thought that as soon as […]

Research point: Fleeting moments

Go and do some people watching. This could be at the supermarket, on a bus or train, in the pub or cafe, in a cinema or concert queue. Whenever you find yourself amongst lots of people have a really good look at them. Look at how they stand, what they are carrying, what they are […]

Ex 11: Fleeting moments

There are many times when you do not have time to sit and observe at great length but there may be times when something interesting presents itself that you would like to draw later. A ­fleeting moment can present energy, movement, colour and ideas for future work. These are opportunities not to be missed and […]

Ex 10: Sitting and waiting

Take every opportunity to practise drawing people. Look at magazines and newspapers as well as TV to get the practice you need. Draw groups of people such as people sitting around a table, observing in a gallery, on a beach, at an airport or chatting on a street. Keep up the fast pace of your […]