Category 05 The Clothed Figure

Check & Log: The Clothed Figure

Did you find it easy to approach the figure as a whole or were you distracted by details of the sitter’s dress? I wasn’t distracted by the sitters dress, I just didn’t want it to be there.  I did find that the  previous exercises of looking form and structure really helped in that I could […]

Ex 9: Form and movement in a clothed figure

Ask your model to wear some soft fabrics that will help to describe the form of their body. This could be a shawl, a long scarf, baggy jumper, full skirt or dressing gown. Seat your model in a chair so that they are relaxed. Begin by drawing the overall line of the seated figure. Draw […]

Ex 8: Fabric with line and form

Throw a piece of clothing or a length of plain fabric (so you don’t get distracted by pattern) across a chair to make folded layers of fabric and then draw two 15 minute sketches using line only with a soft pencil or charcoal. In 5cm squares, draw five-minute sketches of different parts of the fabric. […]