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Check & Log: Structure

How accurately did you depict the overall proportions of the figure? It took quite a while to get a feel for where the different sections of the body interlinked.  I found that it was pretty hit and miss, sometimes it looked correct and other times it was just plain wrong.  I tried very hard to […]

Ex 7: Three Drawings

Try using different drawing tools for all there drawings and note which ones work best for the subject and your style.  Do three drawings – one of the model standing, one sitting and one lying down. Note the centre of gravity, angles of the limbs and look for any foreshortening. I started this exercise by […]

Research: Structure – Anatomy

Look at anatomy books, or do a web search for anatomy images and see what you can find. Make notes on how you can use this information to improve your figure drawing. Try to do an anatomical drawing yourself. As a dancer, I understand isolations, how one part of the body can make an independent […]