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Check & Log: Proportions

Have you managed to make a complete statement in this time? What were your main problems? Most of the quick pose drawings were complete.  The incomplete drawings were where I had thought about it too much, which slowed me down.  I could see going wrong when doing the drawings, but because of the time constraints, […]

Ex 2 The Longer pose

I decided to use water soluble pencil for this exercise as I had a success with it when drawing statues.   I thought that it would be a speedy way to convey tone rather than shading or hatching bearing in mind the time constraint. The first drawing is a line drawing showing the measurements.  I […]

Ex 1 Quick poses

Before starting this exercise proper, I decided to have a good old mess about.  Firstly, I hadn’t really done figure drawing before, secondly, I’d no idea what media to use.  I thought this would help me find form, shapes, patterns and to engage with the ‘flow’. I bought a load of cheap cartridge paper as […]