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Ex 5: Experiment with Mixed Media

First of all I prepared supports using a variety of mediums, clear gesso, PVA glue and Liquitex flexible modelling paste. First I covered cartridge paper with clear gesso and when it was dry used PVA (1) and Liquitex flexible modelling paste (2) to create an outliner barrier. Then I: Dribbled PVA onto the paper to […]

Ex: 4 Line & Wash

I decided to use A3 Mixed media paper for all these drawings and a Graphik 0.3 line maker pen. I started, as the course notes suggested doing a continuous line drawing, but looking at the paper.  This was great fun to do as it gave a huge sense of freedom.  I didn’t bother with measuring […]

Ex 3: Tonal Study

I decided that I would use one of the drawings from the composition series.  I chose one that had lots of interest and areas of dark and light tone.  I thought I’d done quite a few tonal studies in the previous exercise and I thought I would be repeating quite a few of them, so […]

Ex 2: composition

I read this part of the course to mean choose an interior that will be used for the final piece and develop that.  With this in mind I took a long time going through the drawings revisiting each interior and thought about how I could do the next set of exercises and what the final […]

Ex 1: Quick drawings around the house

There is nothing quick about my quick drawings. It has taken me weeks and weeks and weeks to complete this exercise.  At the start, I wasn’t comfortable doing quick drawings.  There is a difference between quick and accurate and rushed and inaccurate and quite a lot of my drawings are rushed and inaccurate.  Some of […]

Check & Log: The Clothed Figure

Did you find it easy to approach the figure as a whole or were you distracted by details of the sitter’s dress? I wasn’t distracted by the sitters dress, I just didn’t want it to be there.  I did find that the  previous exercises of looking form and structure really helped in that I could […]

Ex 9: Form and movement in a clothed figure

Ask your model to wear some soft fabrics that will help to describe the form of their body. This could be a shawl, a long scarf, baggy jumper, full skirt or dressing gown. Seat your model in a chair so that they are relaxed. Begin by drawing the overall line of the seated figure. Draw […]