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Ass 5: Response to tutor report

Points to take forward: Try to stop overworking drawings. Some of them are far too tight and controlled. Look at abstracting areas rather than concentrating on whole areas.  This would help develop tone. More sketchbook work to experiment with different media, support and tools. Try to engage more energy in the drawings. Advertisements


Assessment criteria points Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills Materials, techniques, observation skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. During this part of the course, I have used charcoal more than in any of the other projects throughout the course.  I’m actually enjoying using it and I felt that I used it well in the […]

Assignment five: Option 1 Mark Making and Tone

I had decided that I would use one of my sketches for the final drawing. I chose one of the line and wash studies where I has included another light source that cast shadows and modified the composition further. I made a fairly accurate drawing of the composition to use as a template for the […]