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Assignment 1: Reflection

Did you do enough preliminary work before starting work on your final pieces? I wasted a lot of time dithering over what to draw and getting hung up on what I had chosen.  I did quite a bit of work before the final piece by doing studies of each object and then experimenting with composition.  […]

Assignment 1: Man-made objects

Second drawing – Manmade objects I chose three objects, one which ended up as three in itself.  I looked for items I connected with and all these mean something to me.  I thought because they were personal, I would enjoy drawing them, and I did. I looked for the shapes that each object offered and […]

Assignment 1: Natural Forms

First drawing – Natural forms First of all it took me ages to decide what to put into the composition.  I wanted to use something that was unusual but I ended up using things that are part of my everyday life.  All long I felt that I didn’t want to go for the fruit and […]