Assessment criteria points

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

Materials, techniques, observation skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills.

During this part of the course, I have used charcoal more than in any of the other projects throughout the course.  I’m actually enjoying using it and I felt that I used it well in the composition exercise.  I am not longer afraid of it and I love the versatility of it.  I have looked at all the different areas in my house and have portrayed them honestly and I have noted where I think things have gone wrong in the drawings as well as noting where I think things went well.  I’ve worked hard in the composition exercise to show that I can change a view by moving about the subject.  I’ve changes made changes to ideas, for example, by changing the lighting to make a, in my opinion, a more interesting composition.  I wanted to keep the bags in all the drawings and I had to figure out which would be the best positon to show them off the best.  I’ve experimented with different papers and media and have used unfamiliar mediums, like gesso and PVA which I have used in my final drawing.  My observation skills have definitely improved, especially during the quick draws.  The quick draws weren’t particular quick at the at the start, but I found I speeded up a bit, but mainly I stopped worrying about being precise and accurate and by making myself look more, the drawing improved.  I have thought about perspective and made sure that I used the rule to ensure that at least the lines were going in more or less the right direction.  I have also thought about proportion and how I to keep things relative to each other.  I also thought about rule of thirds and every time I started a drawing for composition and interest.

Quality of Outcome

Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas.

I have used the exercises to explore the different areas in my house to develop ideas that lead me to the final drawing.  I’ve used different drawing techniques, media and papers to explore development further.  I have presented the work in my learning log in a sequential and coherent manner showing the progress through each of the exercises.  I have thought of an idea and developed it by exploring different techniques and once I found my idea for the final drawing I played with the image to explore what I could do with it.

Demonstration of Creativity

Imagination, experimentation, invention, development of personal voice.

I think my imagination has improved throughout this project.  I never thought before about using a different support before.  As it happens, I received a parcel with A2 mixed media paper through the post, and I immediately saw that the cardboard used to wrap it would be great to experiment with, mat be that it could use it in some way.  Also the packaging from a different parcel that day, gave me the idea to use it with gesso.  When I was preparing these supports, my thoughts went further into what else I could experiment with and I came up with idea of PVA and flexible modelling paste.  Because these are supports and mediums I’ve never used before, they changed the way I drew and I discovered another side to my drawing that I’ve tried to bring out, which could be the start of developing my personal voice.  My natural instinct is to draw with realism and I’ve tried to deviate away from that.  My final drawing is still tight and controlled, but it is different and I think a little bit out of my comfort zone.


Reflection, research, critical thinking (learning log).

Throughout the exercises, I have thought about what has gone wrong and I’ve acknowledged when I think I’ve had a success.  I’m not afraid to say when I think something has gone well, as I’ve stopped worrying about what other people may think.  If something has gone wrong, I’ve not been afraid to note this and include ‘drawings gone wrong’ in my blog.  I think this shows development of my confidence and perseverance of my techniques.  I have looked at other artists, and have made my own judgements and appraisal of their work.  One of my favourite artists from the research element was Vuillard.  I really loved his interiors, especially the way he used foreshortening.  I liked the way he brought objects into the foreground and I thought about how I could apply this to my bags.  I sued colour to bring them forward, as Vuillard used colour to highlight the objects in the foreground of his compositions.


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