Ex 3: Tonal Study

I decided that I would use one of the drawings from the composition series.  I chose one that had lots of interest and areas of dark and light tone.  I thought I’d done quite a few tonal studies in the previous exercise and I thought I would be repeating quite a few of them, so I decided to develop just one.

Drawing 12 - Composition

Drawing 12 – Composition

Using A2 cartridge paper and 2B pencil, I decided to draw an accurate representation of the viewpoint and make sure that positioning and perspective were as correct as I could get them.

Once I was happy with the drawing, and because I made many corrections, I went over the pencil lines with a black fine liner to lessen the confusion on the paper.

A2 Line drawing

A2 Line drawing

I then transferred the drawing onto A2 cartridge paper and working with willow charcoal, I worked in the tones by blending with my finger and using a plastic eraser to pick out the highlights and keep the white areas clean.  I found using a putty rubber left a residue on the paper and when charcoal stuck to the residue, it was impossible to remove.  The main element of this drawing was the edge of the door.  I wanted it to be the focal point of the drawing by standing out from a dark background and dark surrounding surfaces.  The hall wasn’t particularly dark and because of my position, I could really see the areas of the rear door that were in shadow.

A2 Charcoal tonal study

A2 Charcoal tonal study

The composition of this tonal study hasn’t worked.  My thoughts were that the initial composition study had worked.  The composition needs further investigation.


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