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Ex 7: Three Drawings

Try using different drawing tools for all there drawings and note which ones work best for the subject and your style.  Do three drawings – one of the model standing, one sitting and one lying down. Note the centre of gravity, angles of the limbs and look for any foreshortening. I started this exercise by […]

Research: Structure – Anatomy

Look at anatomy books, or do a web search for anatomy images and see what you can find. Make notes on how you can use this information to improve your figure drawing. Try to do an anatomical drawing yourself. As a dancer, I understand isolations, how one part of the body can make an independent […]

Check & Log: Gesture

How well have you managed to capture the poses? What could be improved? I think I have captured the poses quite well as they seem to be well balanced and capture the spirit of the figure. There are quite a few that aren’t right which are obvious and to correct this needs more observational sight […]

Ex 6: Energy

Ask your model to adopt a dynamic position – lifting an arm, twisting the hips, turning the head, stretching the arms or walking – and to hold the pose for about five minutes. Working on sheets of A4 or A3 paper, use soft pencils, charcoal, felt tips or drawing pens to quickly sketch the figure, […]

Ex 5 Stance

Look for the line of balance or the centre of gravity in a standing figure: it begins at the top of the skull and passes through the middle of the nose, straight down the middle of the chest cavity. With a back view, the line starts from the back of the neck on the spinal […]

Check and log: Form

Were you able to maintain a focus on proportion at the same time as creating a sense of weight and three-dimensional form? Trying to do all three at the same time was really difficult.  I found that concentrating on one element, the others suffered.  For example, if I focused on proportion the drawings lacked any […]

Ex 4 Essential Elements

This time you will draw a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes each. Adjust the light so that it hits just one side of the model, to emphasise the three dimensional form. Take time to look at the model and identify the darkest and lightest areas. Remember the basic shapes and begin to […]