Ex 4 Stipples and dots

 Pick another interesting textured object.  Using A4 cartridge paper and a drawing pen, use stipples, dots and a variety of marks to get depth and interest into the drawing.  Really look at the pattern, line and shape, but also look at shadows and tones too.

For this drawing I chose a beaten up old almond shell which was quite small, about 2cm, but had some lovely marks and textures.  Because I needed to scale up to A4 I decided to draw a quick study and use that to scale up.  This drawing is quite large in comparison to the actual shell.  I lightly sketched in the outline shape with a pencil before lightly stippling in the main shapes.

I built up the darker areas just using dots making sure that there wasn’t overkill in some areas.  This drawing took far longer than an hour as building up all these dots was quite intense and also the drawing was quite big.  I quite like the result of this drawing, except it is a little flat.  I think I’ve captured the shadows and the patterns on the surface of the shell.  Although saying that you can’t really tell it’s an almond shell because it doesn’t look like a normal almond in a shell.

Stipples and dots 1  Stipples and dots 2


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