Monthly Archives: July 2014

Check & Log: Enlarging an image

How successful were you in copying the lines from the smaller squares to the larger squares? I think the transfer of the images was successful.  I was able to transfer the image fairly accurately, I just kept checking where the image lines crossed the grid lines making sure that the points were in a similar […]

Ex 18 & 19 Enlarging an image

Ex 18 Draw a thumbnail sketch of a simple object and draw a grid of squares over it.  Transfer the sketch using a larger grid.’

Check & log: Using texture

Have you discovered any new ways of using your drawing tools to depict surface and texture? I tried a new technique using an embossing tool but before I settled on using this technique I tried various other tools to try to get an effect I liked.  First I used the end of a pencil.   […]

Ex 17 A drawing with Textures

Arrange some objects with different surfaces in an interesting composition.  Using previous experiments in depicting texture, create the smooth, rough, irregular and patterned surfaces on the objects.’