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Reasearch: Max Ernest

Find out about how Max Ernst and others used Frottage.’ Max Ernst 1891-1976, born in Germany was one of the leading surrealists, he had an interest in dream-like imaginary and eccentric imagery.  He discovered the technique of frottage in 1925 which gave him a way to express fantasised visions.  Frottage is a way of copying and […]

Ex 16 (2) Frottage

Experiment with the technique of frottage.  This involves placing paper over a rough surface (eg grained wood) and rubbing with a crayon or pencil to create an impression of the surface quality of the object.’

Ex 16 Experimenting with texture

Collect a range of objects with different interesting textures.  Using a series of 5cm squares, experiment depicting textures and interesting effects.’

Ex 15 Observing negative space and perspective

Using a selection of objects that have similar elements, such as lines, curves or circles, draw a line from left to right without taking the pencil off the paper.  Follow the silhouette and proportions….’