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Research Point: Eric Ravilious

Eric Ravilious (1903 – 1942) Find out more about this artist and his techniques. The Eric Ravilious image, ‘Vase of flowers in a Garden’ demonstrates a technique of scratching marks into paint to give a specific effect.  This technique is known as sgraffito which means “to scratch”. In this image the marks scratched into the […]

Check and log: Making Marks

I found that I got very hung up on this set of exercises.  It was far more difficult than I thought it would be as I was not able to be free or spontaneous or free flowing as I thought I could be.  I tried to be in control of every mark I made.  My […]

Research point for Making Marks – Van Gogh

Research point “Find a Van Gogh pen and ink drawing, preferably of an outdoor, natural scene.  Look at the variety of mark-making used and the expressive way in which these marks are made. Make note on the types of marks employed.” I have chosen Van Gogh’s Street on Saintes Maries de la Mer, 1888, a […]

Ex 5 – Line & other marks

Draw lots of squares in your sketchbook.  Using pencil and pens practice several different marks in each square.  think about intensity, texture, smoothness, pattern length and repetition.’ For this exercise I tried to contrast similar marks and patterns.  I used a 6B pencil in the first square with a basic line pattern that I shaded in, trying to make each line slightly narrower.  […]

Ex 4 – Using Charcoal

Experiment using charcoal.’ This is a lovely medium to use, it’s so messy and I feel that you can be really free with the marks you can make.  You can vary the tone of the mark and because it is easily smudged, it can blended to fade from dark to light.  I noticed that it does stain […]

Ex 3 – Mark Making Techniques

Draw lots of squares in your sketchbook.  Use different techniques and different media to fill the space in each square.’ I used a variety of pens and pencils for this exercise where I tried hatching, stippling and line drawings.  I found that hatching is quite difficult to do to achieve a form and stippling was […]

Ex 2 – Doodling

I really enjoyed doodling. I found that I quite easily got lost in the moment and allowed myself to relax into the exercise.  Most of my doodles show repetitive patterns, each one connected somehow to each other.  The doodles that I have drawn are mainly by one pen as I didn’t want to break my […]